Our VR solutions help create a digital world that allows users to virtually test their products and services. Whether you are showcasing products to customers or offering distance learning to employees, we have a solution for you.

Benefits of virtual reality for business

Benefits of virtual reality for business

Benefits of virtual reality for business

  • Opportunity to increase sales in an innovative way

We will help you use virtual reality technology to surprise customers with the latest “try before you buy” service (by realistically showcasing the product in cyberspace). This strengthens the integrity of the brand, builds trust, and has a positive effect on sales.

  • A way to impress

Virtual reality technology enables companies (particularly in the fields of entertainment, games, sports, travel, online broadcasting, and marketing) to meet consumer demand for impressions. This opens up an environment for new audiences, regardless of location, and allows brands to present their content in a new, more engaging way.

  • Opportunity to stand out from the competition

The use of virtual reality is actively gaining momentum but is still considered to be the prerogative of successful and modern companies. Virtual reality is a way not only to positively influence the company’s image but also to attract attention faster and more innovatively than competitors.

VR is most often used in the following areas:

  • marketing;
  • event;
  • medicine;
  • education;
  • real estate;
  • entertainment.

We will help you take advantage of the unique benefits of technology. You can order the VR service by calling the numbers on our website or leaving a request in the contact form. The consultation will start with a discussion of the possibility of using this technology specifically for your business and taking into account your budget.




Virtual reality allows customers to experience the benefits of a product or service in a more innovative and efficient way.

Virtual reality is a new advertising opportunity that blurs the line between imagination and reality. Such advertising will not be ignored because of the so-called “advertising blindness” (when there are so many ordinary advertising banners that people stop noticing them).

VR changes the dynamics between brands and consumers. Instead of using blockers or closing ads as soon as possible, people are looking for and interested in the experience of virtual reality, even if they clearly see it as a marketing component.

Finally, using virtual reality in a business familiar to everyone is a way to get attention and show that: “We are technological. We are successful. We are ready for a super-digital future.”

VENTUMmp game will be happy to help integrate VR into your business, taking into account all the marketing nuances. Call the numbers given on our website for a detailed consultation.

Virtual reality technologies are the key to transforming the healthcare industry.

At VENTUMmp game we are convinced that in the coming years we will have ingenious startups and real breakthroughs in the use of VR in medicine. However, even today, several ways have been invented to use technology effectively in such an important field.

Better communication with patients

With the help of virtual reality, you can “transport” the patient inside the human body to access and view areas that could not be clearly shown by traditional methods.

Using hyper-realistic CGI, virtual models can be displayed in real time, allowing physicians to show patients important information in greater detail, helping them visualize their condition and see how therapy and treatment will work.

Medical training

Interactive digital models give students and teachers access to advanced ways of visualizing human anatomy that far surpass traditional anatomy lessons.

Clinical examinations can be repeated, taught and studied according to programs. Individual surgical procedures can be modeled with zero risk for the patient, creating safer conditions and a more cost-effective and time-consuming way of learning. Virtual models can also respond dynamically, which no traditional model can. All this contributes to a more holistic understanding of physiology.

Mental health

Usage of 360-video and virtual worlds will provide ways and places for psychotherapy that surpass old techniques.

The therapist no longer needs to accompany the client to a crowded mall or a tall building. Situations that are impractical or impossible to reproduce (such as fear of flying, or terrible events that may be hiding behind post-traumatic stress disorder) can be triggered with a single click.

Pain management in physical therapy

For example, immersion in virtual reality reduces the level of pain of patients undergoing physiotherapy after a skin transplant. VR in physical therapy has shown efficiency in accelerating recovery time. By allowing the patient to perform their daily exercises in a virtual environment, this technology makes classes more fun and helps the patient to focus and maintain vivacity during a long period of recovery. In the field of VR, even rehabilitation after a stroke is possible.

You can order a free consultation by leaving an application on our website or by calling the given numbers.

Virtual reality makes learning not only more effective but also extremely exciting. Such education will resemble an interesting game, and the learning process will cease to be something you need to force yourself to.

The use of VR technology will be useful for any age group and for any type of educational institution.

Pre-school education

Early education is learning through getting experience. The youngest students can benefit greatly from the exciting 360 environment, which will lay a solid foundation in preschool.

Elementary School

There is a huge potential for the implementation of the curriculum through virtual reality. Junior students will be delighted to virtually visit distant parts of the world or observe dinosaurs.

Secondary school

A key priority for teachers is to ensure the interest and motivation of students. Virtual reality can unleash potential by giving teens new ways to learn and even opportunities to create their own media.

Professional education

The ability to experience training in 360 mode is invaluable: just imagine that a novice mechanic can observe a running engine from all sides without leaving the classroom, or a future doctor can examine the work of the heart in detail.

You can find out how you can integrate virtual reality technologies into your educational business by leaving an application on our website or by calling the numbers given on the website.

Entertainment. Opportunity to experience an exciting adventure within four walls.

In the movies

Incredible VR technologies are transforming cinematic experiences around the world. Several world-famous film festivals have introduced VR for short films, paving the way for watching interactive films. Elements of virtual reality allow viewers to watch the film through the eyes of the characters, making them feel each scene better. Experts predict that in the future the whole cinematography will be like that.

In games

The advent of virtual reality has taken games to a new level by providing an environment with realistic simulations. Techniques allow users to experience the thrill and excitement of video games in a real environment. VR makes the gaming experience so realistic that players feel the illusion of being transported to a whole new world. 

In sports

Aspects of virtual reality have gone far beyond closed spaces, bringing more pleasure from sports and recreation. Users can enter a whole new world where everything looks magical, exciting, and as real as possible. Virtual reality offers sports fans a number of opportunities. The number of sporting events filmed on 360-degree cameras is increasing. These cameras allow you to create videos of sports matches in real time. Watching these videos with a VR headset gives you the impression that you are running with the players.

For advice on the use of VR for your business, please, call the numbers given on our website or leave a request in the feedback form.

Nov virtual reality takes the first place in the world of real estate. Give customers an exciting opportunity to realistically view housing remotely or even before it is created.

VR technology allows potential buyers to transfer into the house or apartment they are considering. Once there, they will be able to view the object from any angle and adjust their visual choice on the fly.

This goes far beyond simply imagining what their future new home will look like when they arrange all the furniture and apply their choice of colors. With the help of virtual reality, the client can really see what the new living space will look like using 360 ° technology. Not only with different colors of walls and different placement of furniture but also under different lighting conditions. In fact, there is no better way to get an idea of what a house will look like before you actually move in. It goes far beyond anything that was available before!

In the past, this type of advanced technology service was reserved for the elite, who bought extremely expensive homes. However, now the average developer working on homes, and townhouses, can now afford to dive into some of the most interesting technologies available.

To get advice on the use of VR for real estate, please, call the numbers given on our website or leave a request in the feedback form.




We start

We start with a detailed analysis of the project. We develop a commercial offer and sign a contract.

We are preparing

We are working out the concept. We create a detailed technical task

We model

We work with 3D-objects, animation, and textures. We are planning the application interface.

Program part

The work is undertaken by programmers: we write the code and combine the previous steps into a finished product.

We test, debug

To make sure that everything works perfectly, we conduct detailed testing.

We launch

We give consultations and transfer the project. If necessary, we register it at the corresponding websites. We provide further technical support.

frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

VR – is it very expensive?

Virtual reality is now more accessible than ever. With a variety of tools and devices to access virtual reality, you can create your own unique solutions, just like any mobile application.

Also, special headsets are becoming cheaper, which allows you to equip your employees or customers with modern devices at a lower price than even a few years ago.

Though, everything depends on the scale of the project. Contact us for advice and we will guide you on the price for your proj

Why virtual reality glasses?

They can be used for games, viewing panoramic media, interior design, etc. Virtual reality glasses provide deep immersion and a presence effect that cannot be achieved with monitors alone.

What are the VR opportunities for my business?

We are sure we will find a way to use virtual reality for the benefit of your business 🙂 Please, leave a request for consultation in the form of feedback and we will discuss your ideas.

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