AR application

https://youtu.be/BlVJFJ2jcvw The project was developed together with French partners. It is an application using AR technology that provides information about tourist attractions. The purpose of the app is to help tourists find their way around the main sights of Paris, France. You take an image of a real object with your phone’s camera, the device’s …

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Social video.

https://youtu.be/MAVUw8j76O8 With the support of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Rivne City Council, a social animation video was created using 2D and 3D models. The mascot of the VENTUMmp GAME company plays the main role in it.  The goal of the project is to show, in a realistic, multiplicative form, the impact …

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Advertising video for the Hopak Hand-to-Hand Fight Federation of Ukraine

Creation of a 3D promotional video for the Hopak Hand-to-Hand Fight Federation of Ukraine in Rivne.  The purpose of this type of advertising is to raise the company’s image, sell a service or increase recognition. In this case, the category – 3D animation of commercial was selected. Atmospheric and exciting video, which allows you to …

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Making a logo and a series of videos

Creating and maintaining the company’s brand in Saudi Arabia, we have created a logo and a number of videos that reveal the nature of the brand. After analyzing the requests and tastes of the target audience, visualized everything in spectacular videos that will not go unnoticed by potential customers.

Boardroom Project

We, VENTUMmp, created this VR submarine simulator together with a Canadian partner. The game is designed for eight players. Avatars are downloaded first. When participants are in their places, the operator redirects everyone to a permanent game field. Players are transferred to another room. Each player has his own console for the game. All consoles …

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