Making a logo and a series of videos

Creating and maintaining the company’s brand in Saudi Arabia, we have created a logo and a number of videos that reveal the nature of the brand. After analyzing the requests and tastes of the target audience, visualized everything in spectacular videos that will not go unnoticed by potential customers.

Boardroom Project

We, VENTUMmp, created this VR submarine simulator together with a Canadian partner. The game is designed for eight players. Avatars are downloaded first. When participants are in their places, the operator redirects everyone to a permanent game field. Players are transferred to another room. Each player has his own console for the game. All consoles …

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Volyn Barbican Project

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptS222GxP7s&list=PLXMlnciUzMc_qwkNlzpQKbAttSeyTDeMs&index=15 The latest technology has helped to recreate historical events right in the city center. After launching the augmented reality application, a whole historical installation appears on the screen of your electronic device! Just imagine: Ostroh tower. A river flows in front of the main gate, and a wooden bridge is built over it. A …

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Myths of Premedical Assistance Project

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GK7dbbsjcuE&list=PLXMlnciUzMc_qwkNlzpQKbAttSeyTDeMs&index=5 There are many misconceptions about first aid. The project starts in 2021. It was launched with a series of videos that debunk the most common myths about premedical assistance. VENTUMmp game took responsibility for reproducing the technical and design part of the project. Namely: development of AR application that draws users’ attention to medical …

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