Game “Doomed Lapti”

*Lapti are shoes of poor ancient Russians

The development by VENTUMmp GAME of the charity project “Doomed Lapti” is a simple casual game that simulates the insignificant everyday life of an average occupant: catch as many trophies as possible so that you have something to return to your habitat.

Help the anti-hero collect as many items as possible before he turns into a skeleton. Meet unexpected hidden characters. Buy additional equipment to extend a little bit the creature’s miserable existence. At the same time, study the heroes of the country and get to know them face to face (grandmother with pies, peasants with pitchforks, Roma on confiscated tanks).

As long as we can joke about our troubles – we are invincible! 

And the main thing: All money earned will be transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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