Boardroom Project

We, VENTUMmp, created this VR submarine simulator together with a Canadian partner.

The game is designed for eight players.

Avatars are downloaded first. When participants are in their places, the operator redirects everyone to a permanent game field. Players are transferred to another room. Each player has his own console for the game. All consoles are the same. 

There are eight tasks in the game, which are designed for the collective solution of each of them. When one or several players don’t complete the task or complete it improperly the passing of the level is not credited. Each task has its own logic and auxiliary elements. With each task, the console changes, and auxiliary elements appear to pass to the next level.

The game was created as an interesting tool for team building, so it is designed for a team working in one company. In the process, the team comes together and learns to perform one task to get a mutual result.

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