Myths of Premedical Assistance Project

There are many misconceptions about first aid. The project starts in 2021. It was launched with a series of videos that debunk the most common myths about premedical assistance.

VENTUMmp game took responsibility for reproducing the technical and design part of the project. Namely:

  • development of AR application that draws users’ attention to medical subjects.

The aim of the project was to teach students and teachers of all schools in Rivne region the correct algorithms for providing first aid. In addition to practical and vital benefits, we have achieved another goal: To show that it is possible to present information in an interesting way using the latest technologies and how game content works in favor of learning and promoting it. At the global level, teachers will be able to use the video during a distance lesson on “Fundamentals of Health” and “Defense of Ukraine” for students of all schools in Rivne region and throughout Ukraine.

One of the ways we achieved our goal was to distribute posters with a QR code with links to the videos that we made.

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