Volyn Barbican Project

The latest technology has helped to recreate historical events right in the city center.

After launching the augmented reality application, a whole historical installation appears on the screen of your electronic device!

Just imagine:

  • Ostroh tower. A river flows in front of the main gate, and a wooden bridge is built over it.
  • A prince on a horse appears on the bridge, there are horse guards near him. One of the guards is in armor, the other in kuntusha and with a flag depicting the coat of arms of the Prince of Ostroh. 
  • He is followed by Moscovite prisoners (according to historical data) in chains, it is clear from their emaciated faces and slow steps that they’ve been walking for more than one day.
  • The prince is greeted by contented people standing along the bridge. The general mood is maintained by sunny weather and birds that fly by people.
  • The prince and the captives enter the city from the east, they are passing the bridge under which the river flows. Then the whole procession passes through the gate and the tourist goes to the other side of the Ostroh Gate, where he sees the same soldiers leaving and heading towards the center of the former city.
  • The city is in a fog and only a few recreated buildings can be seen from the side of the modern Theater Square. Then the whole procession disappears into the fog. The animation lasts from three to five minutes.

The aim of this project is to effectively draw the attention of city residents and tourists to the history of the city with the help of digital technologies.

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